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Econophysics is an interdisciplinary area of research at the intersection between physics, economics, sociology, mathematics, and computer science. Using ideas, methods, and tools from various disciplines, econophysicists aimed to model, explain, and forecast economic and social phenomena and processes.

Started in 2005 in Canberra (Australia), Econophysics Colloquium is an annual meeting that brings together physicists, economists, and market practitioners to facilitate the exchange of ideas. Past editions have been held inTokyo (Japan 2006), Ancona (Italy 2007), Kiel (Germany 2008), Erice (Italy 2009), Taipei (Taiwan 2010), Vienna (Austria 2011), Zürich (Switzerland 2012), Pohang (Korea 2013), Kobe (Japan 2014), Prague (Czech Republic 2015), São Paulo (Brazil 2016), Warsaw (Poland 2017), and Palermo (Italy 2018).

In this 15th edition of Econophysics Colloquium, which will be held from 2-3 Oct 2019 on the Yunan Campus of the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore as a satellite session of the Conference on Complex Systems 2019 (CCS 2019), we continue to welcome experts in fields related to economics, finance, and sociology to come together to discuss the statistical analyses and quantitative measures of data from, as well as the modelling and simulations of financial, economic, and social systems. We hope Econophysics Colloquium 2019 (EC 2019) will promote interdisciplinary collaborations, by facilitating the meeting between researchers in different scientific fields, and also strengthen the interaction between academia and industry.

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