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Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Time Speaker ​Title
​                                                     Welcome Address
0930-1000 Anindya CHAKRABARTI A computational algorithm to analyze unobserved sequential reactions of the central banks
1000-1030 Anirban CHAKRABORTI
Financial and macroeconomic dynamics using multi-layered networks
1030-1100 Coffee Break​
1100-1130 CHEN Shu-Heng
Agent-Based Modeling and the Complexity of Humanities
1130-1200 Dariusz GRECH
Identification of the base currency in analysis of complexity on Forex market
1200-1230 Sergey IVLIEV
Evolution of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
1230-1300 Ladislav Kristoufek
Will Bitcoin mining lead to global environmental catastrophe?
1300-1400 Lunch Break
1400-1430 LEE Euc Man
Extreme Growth of Innovative Nomads in the Perennial Gale of Creative Destruction
1430-1500 LI Sai-Ping
Do government rescue policies reduce the market volatility after crash?
1500-1530 Rosario MANTEGNA
Networked structure in fully electronic stock markets. An analysis of different markets at different time periods​​
1530-1600 Takayuki MIZUNO 
China in global shareholding networks: Challenging to US global hegemony
1600-1630 Coffee Break


Thursday, 3 October 2019

Time Speaker ​Title​
0900-0930 Boris PODOBNIK
Scaling properties of extreme price fluctuations in Bitcoin markets
0930-1000 Leonidas SANDOVA JR
Networks and Financial Markets
1000-1030 SHEN Dehua
Bitcoin Intraday Time-Series Momentum​​
1030-1100 Coffee Break​
1100-1130 H.Eugene STANLEY
1130-1200 Irena VODENSKA​
Forecasting business cycles and identifying significant economic events by using novel network methodologies​​
1200-1230 WANG Yougui Perspective on How Libra Washing Away Traditional Banking​​
1230-1300 WONG Kwok Yee Michael
Traffic Optimization in Transportation and Logistics Networks
1300-1400 Lunch Break
1400-1430 Stefan THURNER
Optimizing financial networks
1430-1500 Janusz HOLYST​​
Detection of spread source in complex networks​​
1500-1530 Jonathan BATTEN
What is the Future for Econophysics: A Meta-Analysis and Review​​​

1600-1630 Coffee Break

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