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Majulah Lectures​​

Majulah, the Malay word for "onward", holds special meaning for Singaporeans. Majulah Singapura, the national anthem of an independent Singapore, has over the years steeled Singaporeans' resolve to build a successful nation. Just as Majulah has a special place in Singapore's history, NTU Majulah Lectures will become a time-honoured tradition of the University, where every year, an eminent speaker will deliver a keynote lecture on topics that bear on Singapore’s future, issues of global concern, or discoveries that have transformative impact on society. This new lecture series represents NTU's aspiration to contribute to Singapore's development and to grow as a global university.


20 September 2017




5.15 pm
6.00 pm
7.30 pm
8.30 pm

Majulah Lecture
End of Programme

Nanyang Auditorium
50 Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 639798

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