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Get ready for a celebration like no other.

Whether you are a freshie wanting to make new friends, a student still in the midst of your studies, a soon-to-be graduate (last lap already!) or a proud alumni, this is YOUR opportunity to spend a great Saturday with your friends and family. Mark your calendars to join us at The Padang on 16th August 2014 for some serious fun.

NTU Fest was started by a group of students with the goal to unify the student population for a worthy cause. In addition to believing in student leadership, NTU Fest believes in the need to create a socially inclusive society and to nurture a giving heart amongst tomorrow's generations of leaders. There's no better way to achieve this goal than through an event that drives student philanthropy and social involvement, while providing students an avenue to engage in a project larger than life.

This year, NTU Fest aims to build a bridge across the education divide and help level the playing field for financially strapped students. Proceeds from the event will go towards the ITE Endowment Fund to help needy ITE students who require a financial boost to get them through their studies.

You might ask: how can you help?

You may do so by registering for the run and purchasing our carnival tickets. Come down to our event, and bring along all your friends and family. Enjoy an awesome day with your loved ones while helping out with this cause.

Your participation in this donation drive will be much appreciated and treasured by the students benefiting from the programme.

Keep checking back to our website for more updates that are bound to get you excited.

Follow us at our Facebook page for the fastest and most tantalising updates.

See you there at NTU Fest on 16th August 2014 at The Padang!

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