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Information for Mosh-Pit Ticket Holders

For the first 300 registered runners for 5TYLO MILE-O Run, please follow the instructions here to collect your Mosh Pit Ticket.

  1. Bring along a print-out of your confirmation email when you collect your run bib and run T-shirt. If you have authorized a friend to collect them for you, s/he may also bring along the confirmation email to collect the Mosh-Pit Ticket on your behalf.
  2. Present your confirmation email at our designated Mosh Pit Ticket counter. Our friendly volunteers will stamp and sign on your bib.
  3. Wear your marked bib and enjoy the hill-iest run in the city! You MUST show up with this mark on your bib in order to collect your Mosh Pit Ticket at our Goodie Bag Collection Booth on the event day.
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