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Performers’ profiles


Watch out for these performances from the student population in NTU!

NTU Graduate Student Council, Chinese Music Group:

The Chinese Music Group consists of  nine music fevers. They love music more than their research work (perhaps…..haha). They are here to present several Chinese music songs in different styles using guitar, piano, drum and their amazing voices. The nine music fans in the Chinese Music Group are Yu Yi (Guitar/Bass), Zhao Rui (Guitar/Bass), Sun Boyuan (Guitar/Bass), Huang Jun (Piano), Weng Renliang (Drums), Cui Jian (Singer), Li Ye (Singer), Zuo Zhen (Singer), Wang Xue (Singer/Piano).

NTU Graduate Student Council, Western Music Group (Gaudium):

'Gaudium' blends multi-culturalism, pop and rock. With members from different nations (Laos, China, Colombia, and India), they are here to translate some classics of pop music into rock music. The next few minutes would surely be one of the most enthralling experiences of your life. Stay glued and they will guarantee you some breathtaking music!!

NTU Hall 13 Jam Band, PushPlay:

Different yet similar, PushPlay comprises members with a myriad of musical backgrounds and influences, from funk, pop, hard rock, classical, indie to acoustic. But they have one common passion- to make good music. They are young, rebellious, outrageous but fun-loving and will definitely love to play a song for you anytime. Pushplay will be doing a total of 3 songs, and they are crystalised by the xx, chocolate by 1975 and she looks so perfect by 5 seconds of summer.

NTU MJ Hip Hop:

NTU MJ Hip Hop Club is the biggest dance club in NTU. Our name (MJ) is derived from our previous direction of Modern Jazz. Under the guidance of their resident instructor, Patrick Loo, they have adopted Hip Hop as our primary genre of dance over the years, and are making sure that they are diverse in a variety of other dance genres as well.

The club has a myriad of dance experiences in established dance competitions and events in Singapore. They have been competing professionally in dance competitions such as Singapore Dance Delight, Gatsby Dance Competition, All Babes Cineleisure Dance and Impresario. This year, MJ emerged as second runner-up in the renowned Southwest CDC Super 24 competition. All fired up and ready to perform. Our Dancers here from NTU MJ have been practicing tirelessly to share with you this dynamic dance number. It's young, dynamic and energetic. Lets put our hands together for them! though we do involve ourselves in a variety of other dance genres as well, including lyrical, street jazz, funk etc. Nowadays, we are known affectionately in the Singapore dance scene as MJ.

NIE DanceFuzion:

NIE DanceFuzion is a dance club based in NIE but consists of students from both NIE and NTU. Established in 2006, DanceFuzion perhaps what makes DanceFuzion different is its no audition policy, which allows anyone and everyone to gain exposure in dance, as long you have the interest for it. So do check them out if you are interested to dance.

Today, the club will be presenting a hip hop number combining tunes from Lady Gaga and Chris Brown. The upbeat choreography will definitely get you moving in time with the song so please enjoy!

Tamil Literacy Society:

NTU Tamil Literary Society (TLS) is entering its 5th year this coming year. TLS focuses on literary events/activities related to Tamil. Such activities will include stage shows, magazine production and short-film production. NTU TLS has done dance performances for NTU Welcome Week and NTU International and Cultural Week.

On a more internal scale, within TLS, our team of dancers have put up dance items for NTU TLS biannual stage production, Uthraa 2014. Our dance item will be in 2 parts. The first part will feature a traditional Indian classical dance followed by a semi classical track. The second part is a folk and freestyle medley that will feature 6  popular Indian songs. The songs are selected as they are upbeat and can hype up the crowd coming for NTU Fest. 

Our dance item will show the audience the variety of dance styles Indian culture has to offer.

Hall 3 Jam band, The Rebounds:

Quirky, fun and soulful - that's what should come to mind when you see and listen to The Rebounds. Made up of music enthusiasts of various ethnic backgrounds, harmony exists in our friendships and in our music. Be sure to be captivated by our soulful renditions of pop songs with our very own twist. When life gets you down, our music will be that Rebound for you.

Hall 6 Jam Band, Unicorns over Rainbows:

Unicorns over Rainbows are a band that brings a unique sound to the stage much like their name. Familiar songs with unexpected twists are only the beginning; this band presents a sound that is multi dimensional and challenges the current soundscape. Experience the band live and treat your aural senses to a new and exciting sound.

Dancepointe (Dance Factory):

Next up, we are bringing to you Dancepointe Academy's Dance Factory Crew! 
Dancepointe Academy, with its 3 schools- Dancepointe (Ballet), Dance Factory (Hip Hop & K-Pop) & dAcademy (Contemporary), is a very well established dance school with thousands of students (age ranging from 3 to 50yrs old) in the heartlands of Singapore with 8 branches, including 1 in China. Plus, we are course operators in several CCs, SAFRA, corporate entities, childcare centres and schools. To find out more about them, checkout!
Now, lets put our hands together to welcome the Dance Factory Crew! Dance.

NTU String Orchestra:

Formed in 1994, the NTU CAC String Orchestra (NTUSO) is one of the many performing groups under Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Cultural Activities Club (CAC). The club consists of three main groups: Beginners' Group, Training Orchestra and Main Orchestra.

Not only having performed for annual concerts, orchestra members have also performed as an ensemble or a quartet for various kind of events including school events, corporate events, weddings, and professional tour concerts.​

District XII:

District XII came to be with a group of friends from NTU Hall 12 jamming together and sharing the dream of one day performing on a big stage, and that day has come! District XII brings you a set of upbeat power packed numbers woven with a special touch of oomph. Coming together to welcome and celebrate the new start for all freshmen, presenting to you, District XII! 

The Huckleberry Friends:

Founded in early 2012, The Huckleberry Friends were born out of a friendship that began with a common passion in music. A couple of jam sessions and late-night suppers were all it took for the trio to form between them a bond that will soon become irreplaceable. Starting out with event and wedding performances, the outfit has gone on to perform at the Esplanade Concourse, and, as part of a showcase upon coming in 2nd for a cover competition organized by The New Paper, at Timbre (Substation). They have since expanded their online presence, and are looking to work on original material in the future. The Huckleberry Friends thrive on just that—warm companionship and sincere smiles.

A harmony of folk and alternative, the trio brings to every performance an intimacy that is as sensitive as it is passionate. Between Jon’s eccentricities, Xueyi’s unforgettable laughter,
and Marcus’ unhurried nature, The Huckleberry Friends carry with them onstage an eclectic marriage of sonic textures and conversational charms. From nuanced acoustic numbers to throwbacks to the classics, everything is fair game—the outfit reinvents and recreates in a fashion that is playful and most definitely heartfelt.

We will be updating this page from time to time. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!​

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