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Synthetic organic chemistry aims at development of new chemical transformations with chemical bond connection and disconnection and their application to preparation of target organic molecules of unique properties such as biologically active natural products, drugs, polymers, functional materials, etc.  Synthetic organic chemistry is strongly tied with physics and biology through design, production, supply, and functionalization of valuable molecules, thus greatly contributing to our human society. The symposium is comprised of top scientists from advanced three countries (Japan, Germany, and Singapore) in the area of synthetic organic chemistry and focused on recent development of novel synthetic reactions and catalysis that enable extremely difficult substrate conversions with precise control and high efficiency.  The specific topics of the symposium are listed below:

            • Transition metal catalysis
            • Organo catalysis
            • Asymmetric molecular transformations
            • C-H bond functionalization
            • Activation of inert small molecules
            • Environmentally benign molecular transformations





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