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List of Sessions


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Session 1: Geometric and Physics Modelling (Chair: Assoc Prof Yiyu Cai)

  1. Simultaneous Estimation of Elasticity for Multiple Deformable Bodies
    Shan Yang1 and Ming Lin1
    1: University of North Carolina, USA

  2. Advanced ODE Based Head Modelling for Chinese Marionette Art Preservation
    Hui Liang1,2, Jian Chang1, Xiaosong Yang1, Lihua You1, Shaojun Bian1 and Jian J Zhang1
    1: Bournemouth University, UK
    2: Communication University of China, China

  3. Skill Learning Based Catching Motion Control
    Gökçen Çimen1, Zümra Kavafoğlu2, Ersan Kavafoğlu2, Tolga Çapın3 and Haşmet Gürcay2
    1: EPFL, Switzerland
    2: Hacettepe University, Turkey
    3: TED University, Turkey


Session 2: Behavior and Personality (Chair: Assoc Prof Mark Sagar)

  1. Behavior Generation for Interactive Virtual Humans Using Context-dependent Interaction Meshes and Automated Constraint Extraction
    David Vogt1, Ben Lorenz1, Steve Grehl1 and Bernhard Jung1
    1: TUBAF, Germany

  2. PCMD: Personality-characterized Mood Dynamics Model Towards Personalized Virtual Characters
    Juzheng Zhang1, Jianmin Zheng1 and Nadia Thalmann1
    1: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  3. Dramaturgical and Dissonance Theories in Explicit Social Context Modeling for Complex Agents
    Jaroslaw Kochanowicz1, Tan Ah-Hwee1 and Daniel Thalmann1
    1: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Session 3: TelePresence (Chair: Prof Junfeng Yao)

  1. SpaceTime: Adaptive Control of the Teleported Avatar for Improved AR Tele-conference Experience
    Dongsik Jo1, Ki-Hong Kim1 and Gerard Jounghyun Kim2
    1: Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea
    2: Korea University, Korea

  2. Symmetric Telepresence using Robotic Humanoid Surrogates
    Arjun Nagendran1, Anthony Steed2, Brian Kelly1 and Ye Pan2
    1: University of Central Florida, USA
    2: University College London, UK


Session 4: Surface Animation (Chair: Assoc Prof Jianmin Zheng)

  1. Realistic and Stable Animation of Cloth
    Juenfeng Yao1, Lei Lan1, Wenlin Lin2, Yingying She1 and Binbin Zhang2
    1: Xiamen University, China
    2: Virhum Information Technology Co., Ltd. China

  2. Garment Capture from a Photograph
    Moon-Hwan Jeong1, Dong-Hoon Han1 and Hyeong-Seok Ko1
    1: Seoul national university, Korea

  3. Effective Skeletons Extraction for Animated Surfaces Based on Geometry Propagation
    Zhiqiang Pang1 and Chunxia Xiao1
    1: Wuhan University, China


Session 5: Medical Simulation and Haptics (Chair: Assoc Prof Alexei Sourin)

  1. Image-inspired Haptic Interaction
    Xingzi Zhang1 and Alexei Sourin1
    1: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  2. Real-time Haptic Manipulation and Cutting of Hybrid Soft Tissue Models by Extended Position-based Dynamics
    Junjun Pan1, Junxuan Bai1, Xin Zhao1, Aimin Hao1 and Hong Qin2
    1: Beihang University, China
    2: Stony Brook University, USA

  3. GPU-assisted Real-time Coupling of Blood Flow and Vessel Wall
    Jiaxiang Guo1, Zhiyong Yuan1, Xiangyun Liao1, Yaoyi Bai1 and Qianfeng Lai1
    1: Wuhan University, China


Session 6: Water Animation and Fluid Simulation (Chair: Prof Dieter Fellner)

  1. Muddy Water Animation with Different Details
    Seungho Baek1, Kiwon Um1 and Junghyun Han1
    1: Korea University, Korea

  2. SPH Fluid Control with Self-adaptive Turbulent Details
    Xiaoyong Zhang1 and Shiguang Liu1
    1: Tianjin University, China

  3. Adaptive Cloud Simulation using Position Based Fluids
    Charles Welton Ferreira Barbosa1, Yoshinori Dobashi1 and Yamamoto Tsuyoshi1
    1: Hokkaido University, Japan


Session 7: Crowd Simulation (Chair: Prof Daniel Thalmann)

  1. Environment Optimization for Crowd Evacuation
    Glen Berseth1, Muhammad Usman2, Brandon Haworth2, Mubbasir Kapadia3 and Petros Faloutsos2
    1: University of British Columbia, Canada
    2: York University, Canada
    3: Rutgers University, USA

  2. Guidance Path Scheduling Using Particle Swarm Optimization in Crowd Simulation
    Sai-Keung Wong1, Tony Tang1, Soon Li1, Shih-Ting Yu1 and Z.M. Wang1
    1: National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan


Session 8: Traffic (Chair: Prof Jian Jun Zhang)

  1. An Efficient Lane Model for Complex Traffic Simulation
    Tianlu Mao1, Hua Wang2, Zhigang Deng3 and Zhaoqi Wang1
    1: Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
    2: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
    3: University of Houston, USA

  2. Vehicle-pedestrian Interaction for Mixed Traffic Simulation
    Qianwen Chao1, Zhigang Deng2 and Xiaogang Jin1
    1: Zhejiang University, China
    2: University of Houston, USA


Session 9: Nature Modelling and Animation (Chair: Prof Nadia Magnenat Thalmann)

  1. Hybrid-based Snow Simulation and Snow Rendering With Shell Textures
    Sai-Keung Wong1 and I-Ting Fu1
    1: National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

  2. Interactive Tree Modeling and Deformation with Collision Detection and Avoidance
    Yong-Joon Kim1, Jong-Hwa Woo2, Myung-Soo Kim2 and Gershon Elber1
    1: Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), Israel
    2: Seoul National University, Korea

  3. Boundary-dominant Flower Blooming Simulation
    Jianfang Li1, Min Liu1, Weiwei Xu2, Ligang Liu1 and Haiyi Liang1
    1: University of Science and Technology of China, China
    2: Hangzhou Normal University, China

  4. Giant Soap Bubble Creation Model
    Kim Namjung1, Saewoon Oh1 and Kyoungju Park1
    1: Chung-Ang University, Korea


Session 10: Motion Control and Capture (Chair: Prof Jian Jun Zhang)

  1. Controllable Data Sampling in the Space of Human Poses
    Kyungyong Yang1, Kibeom Youn1, Kyungho Lee1 and Jehee Lee1
    1: Seoul National University, Korea

  2. Efficient Sketch-based Creation of Detailed Character Models through Data-driven Mesh Deformations
    Ismail Khalid Kazmi1, Lihua You1, Xiaosong Yang1, Xiaogang Jin2 and Jian Jun Zhang1
    1: Bournemouth University, UK
    2: Zhejiang University, China


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