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Short Paper Sessions


SS1 | SS2

Short Paper Session 1 (Chair: Dr Aryel Beck)

  1. Data-Driven Model for Spontaneous Smiles
    Laura Trutoiu1, Nancy Pollard1, Jeffrey Cohn2 and Jessica Hodgins1
    1: Carnegie Mellon University, USA
    2: University of Pittsburgh, USA

  2. Expectancy Violations Related to a Virtual Human’s Joint Gaze Behavior in Real-Virtual Human Interactions
    Kangsoo Kim1, Arjun Nagendran1, Jeremy Bailenson2 and Greg Welch1
    1: University of Central Florida, USA
    2: Stanford University, USA

  3. Segmentation-based Graph Representation for 3D Animations
    Guoliang Luo1, Quanhua Tang1 and Yihan Liu2
    1: Jiangxi Normal University, China
    2: University of Strasbourg, France

  4. Motion Puppetry Taking Skeletal Similarity into Account
    Norihide Kaneko1, Reo Takahashi1 and Issei Fujishiro1
    1: Keio University, Japan

  5. Real-Time Marker-Less Implicit Behavior Tracking for User Profiling in a TV Context
    Francois Rocca1, Pierre-Henri De Deken1, Fabien Grisard1, Matei Mancas1 and Bernard Gosselin1
    1: University of Mons, Belgium

  6. Robust Space-Time Footsteps for Agent-Based Steering
    Glen Berseth1, Mubbasir Kapadia1 and Petros Faloutsos2
    1: University of British Columbia, Canada
    2: Rutgers University, USA
    3: York University, Canada

  7. Avatar Chat: A Prototype of a Multi-Channel Pseudo Real-time Communication System
    Kei Tanaka1, Dai Hasegawa1, Martin J. Dürst1 and Hiroshi Sakuta1
    1: Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

  8. On Streams and Incentives: A Synthesis of Individual and Collective Crowd Motion
    Arthur van Goethem1, Norman Jaklin2, Atlas Cook Iv3 and Roland Geraerts2
    1: Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
    2: Utrecht University, Netherlands
    3: University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA


Short Paper Session 2 (Chair: Dr Jan Perhac)

  1. Constrained Texture Mapping via Voronoi Diagram Base Domain
    Peng Cheng1, Chunyan Miao1 and Nadia Thalmann1
    1: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  2. Hybrid Modeling of Multi-Physical Processes for Volcano Animation
    Fanlong Kong1, Changbo Wang1, Chen Li1 and Hong Qin2
    1: East China Normal University, China
    2: Stony Brook University, USA

  3. Determining Personality Traits from Goal-Oriented Driving Behaviors: Toward Believable Virtual Drivers
    Andre Possani-Espinosa1, J. Octavio Gutierrez-Garcia1 and Isaac Vargas Gordillo1
    1: Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology), Mexico

  4. Virtual Meniscus Examination in Knee Arthroscopy Training
    Bin Weng1 and Alexei Sourin1
    1: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  5. Space Deformation for Character Deformation using Multi-Domain Smooth Embedding
    Zhiping Luo1, Remco Veltkamp1 and Arjan Egges1
    1: Utrecht University, Netherlands


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