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Main Conference Tracks

  1. Foundations of Complex Systems
    (Complex networks, self-organization, nonlinear dynamics, statistical physics, mathematical modeling and simulation)

  2. Information & Communication Technologies
    (Internet, WWW, search, semantic web, blockchain, and bitcoins)

  3. Cognition & Linguistics
    (Evolution of language, social consensus, artificial intelligence, cognitive processes & education)

  4. Economics & Finance
    (Social networks, game theory, stock market & crises and business organizations)

  5. Infrastructure, Planning & Environment
    (Critical infrastructures, urban planning, mobility, transport & energy and smart cities)

  6. Biological & (Bio) Medical Complexity
    (Biological networks, systems biology, evolution, medicine and physiology)

  7. Socio-Ecological Systems
    (Global environmental change, green growth, sustainability & resilience and culture)

  8. Complexity in Physics & Chemistry

  9. Public Policy Applications of Complexity Science

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