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Lecture Theatre 1A​

North Spine Plaza, Level 1,
Nanyang Technological University
76 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 637331​​

Ignite Session 1-
​Monday, 30 September 2019

Time​ Submission number Title Presenter
14:45-14:50 151 Conditional Modified Granger Causality Analysis of Complex Systems Martina Chvosteková
14:50-14:55 60 Successful strategies in the tragedy of the commons Yohsuke Murase
14:55-15:00 166 Reformulating Karl Friston's Free Energy Principle for Finite Markov Chains Martin Biehl
15:00-15:05 49 Are Co-occurrence Network Approaches Really Useful for Inferring Microbial Community Structure? Hokuto Hirano
15:05-15:10 97 Benchmarking seeding strategies for spreading processes in social networks Felipe Montes
15:10-15:15 397 Modified Kuramoto Model with Power Law Coupling and Spatial Time Delay Hae Seong Lee
15:15-15:20 267 A percolation approach in air traffic management Rosario Mantegna
15:20-15:25 425 Determinants of Gender Gap in Urban Outdoor Activities Rossano Schifanella
15:25-15:30 328 Stability of democracies -- A complex systems perspective​ Karoline Wiesner
15:30-15:35 224 Leader-Follower Distributed Consensus in Swarm Robotic Systems Nikolaj Horsevad Soerensen
15:35-15:40 58 Bigram Humor is Associated with Lower Activation Entropy in a Semantic Network Cynthia Siew

Ignite Session 2-
Friday, 4 October 2019

Time Submission number Title​ Presenter
14:45-14:50 407 Capturing the Continuous Complexity of Animal Behavior Tosif Ahamed
14:50-14:55 23 Temporal similarity metrics for network reconstruction based on diffusion dynamics Mingkai Liu
14:55-15:00 372 Assessing the impact of travel guidances in Florida during the 2016 Zika outbreak through digital traces Michele Tizzoni
15:00-15:05 244 Detectability of Macroscopic Structures in Directed Networks: a Stochastic Block Model Approach Mateusz Wilinski
15:05-15:10 334 Dynamic Structures for Evolving Tactics and Strategies in Team Robotics: Experiments and Results Jeffrey Johnson
15:10-15:15 363 Complexity Explained: A Grassroot Collaborative Initiative to Create a Set of Essential Concepts of Complex Systems Hiroki Sayama
15:15-15:20 278 Estimation of Short and Long Term Effects of Exposure to Atmospheric Pollution on the Health of Chile's Metropolitan Region Population Diego Tapia-Ramírez
15:20-15:25 321 A swarm robot control that is based on the position of the agents Zhangang Han
15:25-15:30 104 Evolution of Interdependent Co-authorship and Citation Networks Chakresh Kumar Singh
15:30-15:35 267 A percolation approach in air traffic management​ Rosario Mantegna
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