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Monday,30 September 2019 16:30- 18:15​
Submission number​​ Title Presenter Time Venue
149 Duplication is Central to Efficiently Evolving Structural Complexity in Coarse-grained Proteins Alexander Leonard 16:30-16:45 LHN-TR+15
243 A Predator-Prey Model with Refuges for Prey and for Juvenile Predator Doanh Nguyen-Ngoc 16:45-17:00
452 Self-organized Patterns from a Synthetic Genetic Oscillator in Bacterial Colonies Guillermo Yanez 17:00-17:15
439 Prediction of Drug Interactions and Adverse Reactions with data from Electronic Health Records, Clinical Reporting, Scientific Literature, and Social Media, using Complexity Science Methods Rion Brattig Correia 17:15-17:30
164 Robust design of inhibitory neuronal networks displaying rhythmic activity Joseph Taylor 17:30-17:45
375 Inferring Strategic Heuristics from Aggressive Behavior in Animals and Humans Dan Mønster 17:45-18:00
277 Pathways to Autopoiesis - A Computational Study of the Emergent Properties of Self-Producing Systems Richard Carter 18:00-18:15
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