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Monday,30 September 2019 16:30- 18:30​
​Submission number Title Presenter Time ​Venue
22 How aging may be unavoidable in complex systems Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns 16:30-16:45

LHN- TR+16
200 Analytically solvable autocorrelation function for correlated interevent times Hang-Hyun Jo 16:45-17:00
227 Unbearable lightness of linear connectivity measures: where are the limits? Jaroslav Hlinka 17:00-17:15
306 New constant of motion for the coevolving voter model Joanna Toruniewska 17:15-17:30
364 Reduction of kinetic equations to Li\'enard-Levinson-Smith form: Counting limit cycles Sandip Saha 17:30-17:45
83 Topological Time-series Analysis with Delay-Variant Embedding Quoc Hoan Tran 17:45-18:00
362 Effects of Targetted Intervention on Statistical Properties of the Sandpile Model Rene C. Batac​ 18:00-18:15
121​ Interpreting transfer entropy in modelling information flows in complex systems Joseph Lizier 18:15-18:30

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