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Monday,30 September 2019 16:30- 18:30​
Submission number​ Title Presenter Time Venue
136 Spatial analysis of places in Medieval England: an application of network studies to archaeology and history Neil Huynh 16:30-16:45 LHN-TR+17
342 Self-Organizing Games: A methodological approach for team development in academic environments Johana Murillo 16:45-17:00
314 Evolution of the Informational Complexity of Contemporary Western Music Thomas Parmer 17:00-17:15
419 An Architecture of a Social Agent for Grounded Cogntive Semiotics Nagarjuna G 17:15-17:30
296 Searching for hidden bridges in co-occurrence networks from Javanese wayang kulit Andrew Schauf 17:30-17:45
71​ Spatial and Network Effects in Distributed System Design Andrei Klishin 17:45-18:00

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