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Monday,30 September 2019 16:30- 18:30​
Submission number​​ Title Presenter Time ​Venue
64 Self-Avoiding Pruning Random Walk on Signed Network Huijuan Wang 16:30-16:45

80 A Category Theoretical Perspective on an Evolving Network Model Taichi Haruna 16:45-17:00
215 Modified tree graphs with enhanced synchronisation dynamics: an expander approach Alexander Kalloniatis 17:00-17:15
95 Modeling Temporal Networks with Bursty Node and Link Activity Takayuki Hiraoka 17:15-17:30
29 Taming chimera state using heterogeneous delays Saptarshi Ghosh 17:30-17:45
72 Characterizing The Analogy Between Hyperbolic Embedding And Community Structure Of Complex Networks Filippo Radicchi 17:45-18:00
390 A Soccer Game as a Clustered Temporal Network, an Analysis Based on Shared Information Distance Luis Pereira 18:00-18:15
376​ On the onset of synchronization of Kuramoto oscillators in scale-free networks Thomas Peron 18:15-18:30

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