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Monday,30 September 2019 16:30- 18:30​
Submission number​ Title Presenter Time Venue
171 Networks and Long-Range Mobility in Cities: A Study of More Than One Billion Taxi Trips in New York City Jose L. Mateos 16:30-16:45 LHN TR+52
141 Spatial Amalgamation using Distance-Based Thresholds and Its Impact on the Useful Information of Urban Road Network Models Muhamad Azfar Ramli 16:45-17:00
132 Invariant Statistical Properties in the Evolution of the Manila Road Network Michelle Cirunay 17:00-17:15
217 A coupled network approach to railway delay propagation Mark Dekker 17:15-17:30
175 General Method for Deriving Train Logs from Commuter Data Correlations Hong En Tan 17:30-17:45
272 Multilayer Stochastic Block model: How do transportation options drive commuters in London? Antonia Godoy-Lorite 17:45-18:00
55​ Bus bunching as a synchronisation phenomenon Vee-Liem Saw 18:00-18:15

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