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Tuesday,1 October 2019​ 11:00 - 13:00​​
Submission number​ Title Presenter Time Venue
36 Only Two Types of Strategies Enforce Linear Payoff Relationships under Observation Errors in Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma Games Azumi Mamiya 11:00-11:15 LHN-TR+30
229 An Unsupervised Learning Method to build a Network-Based model for Philippine Legal Document Classification Juan Miguel Augusto Feria 11:15-11:30
48 A Novel Recommender System for Content based PCOD Image Retrieval using Deep Learning Algorithms Suganya R 11:30-11:45
413 PyBDM: algorithmic complexity of 1D and 2D datasets based on Block Decomposition Method in Python Szymon Talaga 11:45-12:00
409 Combining AI and Network Analysis to Mitigate the Impact of Computer Automation: A Case Study on Philippine Context Benjur Emmanuel Borja 12:00-12:15
393 Study of the inverse of the Block-sequential operator in Boolean networks Luis Cabrera-Crot 12:15-12:30
350 Optimal Control of Networked Risks: Minimizing Time and Energy Boleslaw Szymanski 12:30-12:45
235​ Activity Clustering in Continuous-Time Random Walk Formalism Jarosław Klamut 12:45-13:00

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