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Tuesday,1 October 2019​ 11:00 - 13:00​​
Submission number​​ Title Presenter Time Venue
Invited talk Superstatistical methods for complex systems​ Christian Beck 11:00-11:30 LHN TR+04
103 Memory structures in quantum and classical stochastic processes Felix Pollock 11:30-11:45
63 Extreme dimensional compression with quantum modelling Thomas Elliott 11:45-12:00
260 Statistical mechanics of coevolving spin system Tomasz Gubiec 12:00-12:15
3 agreeing to disagree in a quantum like frame work: implications for costly signalling theory Sudip Patra 12:15-12:30
109 Thermodynamics of Requisite Complexity: Efficient Modular Agents Alexander Boyd 12:30-12:45
82 A Statistical Mechanics Perspective of Cliques, Lattices and Scale-Free Networks and their Relationships Jeyashree Krishnan 12:45-13:00

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