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Tuesday,1 October 2019​ 11:00 - 13:00​
Submission number​ Title Presenter Time Venue
432 The Impact of Information Dissemination on Vaccination in Multiplex Networks with Awareness Cong Li 11:00-11:15 LHN- LT
44 Coevolutionary dynamics of a nonlinear voter model Byungjoon Min 11:15-11:30
108 Topic modeling as a community-detection problem Yuanming Tao 11:30-11:45
405 Asymptotically-scale-free geographical networks: Role of dimensionality and of stochastic fitness Nicola Cinardi 11:45-12:00
85 Modelling social-networks evolution via the adjacent-possible exploration Enrico Ubaldi 12:00-12:15
283 Towards Euclidean Spatial Networks Using Directed N-colored Random Graphs Verena Schamboeck 12:15-12:30
81 Mining span-cores in temporal networks Alain Barrat 12:30-12:45

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