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Tuesday,1 October 2019​ 11:00 - 13:00​​​
​​Submission number​ Title Presenter Time Venue
249 Opinion dynamics with memory: how a society is shaped by its own past Gioia Boschi 11:00-11:15 LHN-TR+36
180 Opinion Dynamics Model Based on Bidirectional Bounded Threshold Shuo Liu 11:15-11:30
88 Assessing the impact of recommender systems on the explore-exploit balance Pietro Gravino 11:30-11:45
158 Transition to a structurally balanced paradise state in the system with agents possessing opinions Piotr Górski 11:45-12:00
453 Emergence of echo-chambers in radicalization dynamics model Michele Starnini​
421 Understanding the reconfiguration of political spaces by opinion dynamics models Eckehard Olbrich 12:15-12:30
298 Modelling the birth and evolution of echo chambers Vittorio Loreto 12:30-12:45
386 Mean consensus time of the voter model on networks with two cliques Michael Gastner 12:45-13:00

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