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Tuesday, 1 October 2019 16:45-18:15
Title Presenter Time Venue
210 Optimization of cruise passenger land transportation using agent-based simulation models Tri Nguyen-Huu 16:45-17:00 LHN-TR+16
284 Adaptive Motive Profiles for Motivated Particle Swarm Optimization Medria Kusuma Dewi Hardhienata 17:00-17:15
204 An Agent-Based Model of the Emergence of Increased Visual Sensory Range and Cognition in Early Terrestrial Vertebrates Can Gurkan 17:15-17:30
37 Memory effects in the voter model Raul Toral 17:30-17:45
337 An Approach for Modelling and Simulation of Professional Agents in Heterogeneous Dynamic Environment: Digital Hospital Case Study Marina Balakhontceva 17:45-18:00
92 An agent-based model for predicting Netz-DG’s future Kunbei Zhang 18:00-18:15

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