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Tuesday, 1 October 2019 16:45-18:45
Submission number​​ Title Presenter Time Venue
258 Genome networks and the stability of diversification Jorge P. Rodríguez 16:45-17:00 LHN-TR+15
145 Brain Network Analysis By Mixture Component Indexing Deconvolution Anna Pidnebesna 17:00-17:15
252 Sex-Ratio Bias Induced by Mutation Seung Ki Baek  17:15-17:30
441 Digging the optimum pit: Antlions, Spirals and Spontaneous Stratification Max Falkenberg 17:30-17:45
346 Hash Chemistry: An Open-Ended Evolutionary System with Cardinality Leap and Universal Fitness Evaluation Hiroki Sayama 17:45-18:00
426 Relationship between the structure of some cell cycle networks those attractors Shu-Ichi Kinoshita 18:00-18:15
458 Body size and Maxwell-Boltzmann-like distribution for animals Atahualpa S. Kraemer 18:15-18:30
347 Effective Control Pathways in The Canalizing Dynamics of Biochemical Regulation and Cortical Networks Luis M. Rocha 18:30-18:45
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