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Tuesday, 1 October 2019 16:45-18:45

Submission number Title Presenter Time Venue
170​​ Good Dissonance, Dangerous Consonance: The Tones of El Niño (Causality and Synchronization Across the Scales of Climate Variability) Milan Palus 16:45-17:00 LHN-TR+04
181 Anomaly Detection in Paleoclimate Records Using Permutation Entropy Joshua Garland 17:00-17:15
211 Climate-concerned students triggering tipping points in carbon divestment allow the creation of an actionable knowledge base for policy intervention. Roger Cremades 17:15-17:30
443 Stochastic Dynamics and Noise-Induced Transitions in Three-Dimensional Climate Model Dmitri Alexandrov 17:30-17:45
223 Early Warning Signal for Floods using Persistent Homology Syed Mohd Sadiq Syed Musa 17:45-18:00
191 The Conditions Leading to the Emergence of Period-Doubling Slow and Fast Ruptures Deepa Mele Veedu 18:00-18:15
188 Hierarchical Clustering Of Haze Episodes Based On Wasserstein Distance Of Topological Features Nur Fariha Syaqina Zulkepli 18:15-18:30
282 Is Water Governed By Its Network? Verena Schamboeck 18:30-18:45
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