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Tuesday, 1 October 2019 16:45-18:45​

Submission number​​ Title Presenter Time Venue
Invited talk Vulnerability of EU livestock industry to epidemics Vittoria Colizza 16:45-17:15 LHN-TR+12 
110 Oscillations in Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clara Granell 17:15-17:30
212 Targeting Malaria Hotspots can be Counterproductive: Vaccination Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis Mitsuhiro Odaka 17:30-17:45
436 Large-scale Agent-based simulations of pandemic influenza in Australia for investigating historical trends, interventions, and transmission networks Cameron Zachreson 17:45-18:00
51 A Metabolic Network-Based Reverse Ecology Method Indicates That Gut Microbial Communities Are Fragile in Diseased Patients Kazuhiro Takemoto 18:00-18:15
246 Assessing the Interplay Between Human Mobility and Dengue Outbreaks in Singapore Emanuele Massaro 18:15-18:30
344 Arbovirus Vector-Host System: A Data Science Approach Nelson Fernández 18:30-18:45

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