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Tuesday, 1 October 2019 16:45-18:45
Submission number Title Presenter Time Venue
1 Predicting the Evolution of Physics Research Wenyuan Liu 16:45-17:00 LHN-TR+17
247 Graphene Science and Technology: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How? Ai Linh Nguyen 17:00-17:15
99 Designing an information system for measuring and tracking research: a complex systems approach Felipe Montes 17:15-17:30
292 Categorical and Geographical Separation in Science Julian Sienkiewicz 17:30-17:45
57 Unfolding the innovation system for the development of countries: coevolution of Science, Technology and Production Giulio Cimini 17:45-18:00
255 The evolution of materials research: a case study in hip replacement applications Khiam Aik Khor  18:00-18:15
199 Interrelationship of knowledge structure across language groups in communal data set Jisung Yoon 18:15-18:30
122 Collective effects of individual decisions -- the case of the Nobel Prize Riccardo Gallotti 18:30-18:45

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