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Tuesday, 1 October 2019 16:45-18:30
Submission Number Title​ Presenter Time Venue
Invited talk Scaling in physics, biology, cities and beyond Hyejin Youn 16:45-17:15 LHN TR+52
231 Scaling in the recovery of urban transportation systems from massive events Jose J. Ramasco 17:15-17:30
318 Improving Urban Traffic with Adaptive Lanes Dante Pérez 17:30-17:45
412 A Typology of Damage Response in Worldwide Urban Road Networks Jesus Felix Valenzuela  17:45-18:00
208 Complex Systems Based Integrated Assessment of Droughts, Floods, Heat Comfort and GHG Emissions in Cities under Climate Change Roger Cremades  18:00-18:15
147 Optimising Electricity Infrastructure Planning in Developing Countries Using Mobile Phone Data Hadrien Salat  18:15-18:30

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