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Friday, 4 October 2019 09:00-10:30​
Submission number​​ Title Presenter Time Venue
Invited talk Tangled Nature: a model of emergent structure and temporal mode among co-evolving agents Henrik Jensen 9:00-9:30 LHN TR+15
450 Estimating species richness and macro-patterns from local presence-absence data Anna Tovo 9:30-9:45
69 Higher-order vs. Structured Interactions in Competitive Ecosystems Violeta Calleja-Solanas 9:45-10:00
50 Revisiting the Energetics of the Prokaryote-Eukaryote Divide Katsumi Chiyomaru 10:00-10:15
297 Modelling and Simulation of the Antibiotics Resistant and Antibiotic Susceptible Bacteria Interaction Hannah Rissah Forio-Abad 10:15-10:30

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