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Friday, 4 October 2019 09:00-10:30​
Submission Number Title Presenter Time Venue
106 Predictability of diffusion-based recommender systems Leyang Xue 9:00-9:15 LHN TR+30
253 Greedy control of cascading failures in interdependent networks Malgorzata Turalska 9:15-9:30
428 Formally Architecting Complex Systems-of-Systems on the Internet-of-Things Flavio Oquendo 9:30-9:45
359 The coupling strength versus convergence speed in pinning control Mingyang Zhou 9:45-10:00
271 Asynchronously Tuned Elementary Cellular Automata and Reservoir Computing Daisuke Uragami 10:00-10:15
183​ Reinforced Learning of Social Learning in Restless Multiarmed Bandit Game Shintaro Mori 10:15-10:30

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