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Friday, 4 October 2019 11:00-13:15
Title Presenter Time Venue
218 Adaptive Strategies in Consumer-Resource Models Samir Suweis 11:00-11:15 LHN TR+39
442 Predicting critical regions in the heart for the initiation of cardiac fibrillation using percolation on spatial networks Max Falkenberg 11:15-11:30
340 High Order Nestedness and the structure of ecological systems Albert Sole 11:30-11:45
116 Stable probability distribution of brain network properties in resting state fMRI Levente Varga 11:45-12:00
391 Epsilon Machines Distinguish Between Conscious States in the Fly Brain Felix Pollock  12:00-12:15
330 A reservoir-computing model of how planaria switch phenotypes stochastically Santosh Manicka 12:15-12:30
70 Information theory strategies to scape parasites Luís F Seoane 12:30-12:45
375 Inferring Strategic Heuristics from Aggressive Behavior in Animals and Humans Dan Mønster 12:45-13:00
288 From food consumption to ingredients networks: large-scale and high-resolution analysis of food purchases and health outcomes Rossano Schifanella  13:00-13:15

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