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Friday, 4 October 2019 11:00-12:45​
Submission number​ Title Presenter Time Venue
143 Maxmin-omega: A New Threshold Model on Networks Ebrahim Patel 11:00-11:15 LHN-LT
148 The Longest Path in the Price Model Tim Evans 11:15-11:30
301 Detection of spread source in complex networks Janusz Hołyst 11:30-11:45
133 Temporal network embedding for the estimation of spreading process outcome Laetitia Gauvin 11:45-12:00
45 The spreading of computer viruses on time-varying networks Nicola Perra 12:00-12:15
338 Towards a New Multi-Scale And Multi-Relational Network Theory Markus Kirkilionis 12:15-12:30
115 A Pólya urn approach to information filtering in complex networks Riccardo Marcaccioli 12:30-12:45

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