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Submission number Title​ Authors Board number
30-September 2019
176 Anomalous diffusions of granular rafts and oscillons on Faraday waves Ji-Lin Jou and Lin I 1
73 An Extended Principle of Least Action for Self-organization in Complex Systems Georgi Georgiev 2
54 Blockchain Technology for Electoral Process in Africa: A Short Review Mukhtar Opeyemi Yusuf 3
356 Predicting the unpredictable: A case study of financial market crashes Kiran Sharma 4
78 Structural Invertibility and Optimal Sensor Node Placement for Error and Input Reconstruction in Dynamic Systems Dominik Kahl, Philipp Wendland, Matthias Neidhardt, Andreas Weber and Maik Kschischo 5
236 Complexity of Social Systems and Awareness of Ignorance Czeslaw Mesjasz 6
384 Mechanical Effects On Soft Tissues During Acupuncture Needling Manisha, V.K. Katiyar and Pratibha 7
404 Smart and Secure E-Voting System using Blockchain Technology Nitima Malsa, Vaibhav Vyas and Jyoti Gautam 8
312 A Network Approach to the study of the Bitcoin Price Evolution Alexandre Bovet, Carlo Campajola, Francesco Mottes, Valerio Restocchi, Nicolò Vallarano, Tiziano Squartini and Claudio Tessone 9
185 Quantifying the Air Quality In Hanoi Using a Complex Temporal Network Approach Hieu Vu Tran, Ngoc Dung Bui and Siew-Ann Cheong 10
395 Model Fitting in Malaria Epidemics: Applying High-Frequency Empirical Data for SEI-SI Model Mitsuhiro Odaka 11
206 Buildings as Species: Competition and Scaling Rules in Cities Sara Najem, Tarek Tohme and Martin Grant 12
257 Mechanisms for the emergence of synchronization in inhibitory neural networks Joseph Taylor, Ashok Chauhan and Alain Nogaret 13
14 PRESTO: A Systematic Framework for Blockchain Consensus Protocols Stefanos Leonardos, Daniel Reijsbergen and Georgios Piliouras 14
105 Longitudinal Analysis of Collective Emotion in Online Social Media Yukie Sano, Hideki Takayasu, Shlomo Havlin and Misako Takayasu 15
422 Characterization Study of Induced Current Electrical Impedance Tomography (ICEIT) On Iron Powder Distribution In Soil Anastasya Lutmila Balqis Amir, Dudi Darmawan and Edy Wibowo 16
201 Functions, universal with respect to classical systems Martin Grigroyan 17
456 Latency Prediction Based on Machine Learning of Real-Time Highway Data Tsz Hong Kwok, Yulin Xu, Tat Shing Choi and K Y Michael Wong 18
178 The structure and evolution of Japanese production network Hiromitsu Goto, Yuji Fujita and Wataru Souma 19
280 Economics of Fisheries: How Do Market Prices Affect the Sustainability Tri Nguyen-Huu, Doanh Nguyen Ngoc and Pierre Auger 20
42 Revealing the Predictability of Intrinsic Structure in Networks Jiachen Sun, Ling Feng, Jiarong Xie, Xiao Ma and Yanqing Hu 21
1-October 2019  
295 Non-locality in Cognition without Quantum Mechanics Yukio Gunji and Taichi Haruna 1
274 $BC_{DCN}$: An efficient and accurate edge centrality measure. Kushal Kanwar, Sakshi Kaushal and Harish Kumar 2
174 A Case Study on the Change of Industrial Ecosystem According to the National Policy for Growth Engines - Focused on government R&D Projects in south korea Mi-Hwa Lee 3
423 On Prediction of Annual Motorcycles Selling Using a Competition Mathematical Model Windarto and Eridani 4
440 Exploring the Cognitive Process of Learning the Latent Structures in a Probabilistic Reversal Learning Task Akira Masumi and Takashi Sato 5
379 Complex Dynamics Of A Four Species Food- Web Model Sunita Gakkhar and Surbhi Rani 7
168 Health and Disease – Emergent States Resulting from Adaptive Social and Biological Network Interactions Joachim Sturmberg 8
383 An Analysis on Explanatory Power of Vision-Driven Agent Simulations to Pedestrian Spatial Distribution Hiroshi Hirate, Yoshimasa Matsumoto, Kasumi Susaki and Toshiyuki Kaneda 9
399 Exploring the Role of Interdisciplinarity in Physics: Success, Talent and Luck Alessandro Pluchino, Giulio Burgio, Andrea Rapisarda, Alessio Emanuele Biondo, Alfredo Pulvirenti, Alfredo Ferro and Toni Giorgino 10
460 Synchronization of Coupled Reaction–Diffusion Systems Jui-Pin Tseng 11
35 The Heider Balance and the Looking-Glass Self Malgorzata Krawczyk, Maciej Wołoszyn, Piotr Gronek, Krzysztof Kułakowski and Janusz Mucha 12
177 An analysis of the Malaysian Twitter Network of the 2018 Port Dickson by-election Muhammad Syahir Mohamad Zaki, Fatimah Abdul Razak and Sakhinah Abu Bakar 13
18 Node Centrality of Weighted Networks Considering Connectability to Nodes within Two Degrees of Separation Shunichi Amano, Ken-Ichiro Ogawa and Yoshihiro Miyake 14
161 Integrated agriculture calculator – CalcGosPuck Lidia Dzierzbicka-Glowacka, Dawid Dybowski, Maciej Janecki, Artur Nowicki, Stefan Pietrzak and Michał Białoskórski 15
79 Fractal dimension as a useful tool for EEG analysis Anna Krakovská 16
6 Classification of Countries in Global Banking Network Farzaneh Sadat Atyabi, Olha Buchel and Leila Hedayatifar 17
455 The effect of demographic noise in MacArthur’s resource-consumer model Stefano Garlaschi, Marco Formentin and Amos Maritan 18
357 Centralized implementation of traffic flow routing for SDN networks Tung Hoang and Dung Bui 19
401 Modern Tools for Agent-Based Model Sensitivity Analysis Matteo Ottaviani, Francesco Lamperti, Amir Sani and Andrea Roventini 20
2-October 2019
173 Inclusion of Self-Organized Dynamics in a Game-Theoretic Social Network Model Luis Enrique Cortes-Berrueco, Jesús M. Siqueiros-García and Carlos Gershenson 1
446 A Computer Simulation of Motivation and Behaviour in Police Patrol Systems Jeffrey Johnson and Phil Davies 2
374 A network approach to calculate the entropy of social organisations Christian Zingg, Giona Casiraghi, Giacomo Vaccario and Frank Schweitzer 3
137 Analysis of Possible Transit Country in Global Migration Xiaomeng Li, Siyu Huang and Qinghua Chen 4
33 The Coverage Control in the Multi-agent systems by the Aid of Evolutionary Game Theory Jian Zhang and Jianlei Zhang 5
219 Nearest-neighbor Separations of Economic and Administrative Buildings in a Self-organized Urban Setting Camille Perlada and Rene Batac 6
353 Complex knowledge resource management in model-based professional reasoning Sergey Kovalchuk, Anna Kalyuzhnaya and Klavdiya Bochenina 7
251 PREDICTION OF RAINFALL FOR CROP PRODUCTION S Aswin, C Ignatius, C Agasthiya and R Suganya 8
47 Transformation of Cognitive Level in Interfacing Automata theory and Grammar with Compiler Design and its Applications through Collaborative Teaching and Learning Suganya R and Kameswari M 9
398 Coupling Agent-Based Modelling and BlockChain for rural studies in Vietnam Arnaud Grignard, Nghi Quang Huynh, Luis Alonso Pastor, Tri Nguyen-Huu, Alexis Drogoul and Kent Larson 10
126 A Comprehensive Analysis of the Hungarian Firm-Level Supplier Network Andras Borsos and Martin Stancsics 11
431 Rhythm Sensing: Identifying Chronotypes and Sleep and Activity Rhythms from Passive Mobile Phone Data Talayeh Aledavood, Ilkka Kivimäki, Sune Lehmann and Jari Saramäki 12
281 Node Replacement in DOTA 2 Team Networks Joseph Raphael Bunao, Jose Jaime Rafael Taruc, Erika Fille Legara and Christopher Monterola 13
299 A Natural Definition for the Boundaries of Cities Carlos Molinero 14
93 Analysis of two charismatic persons at an election using opinion dynamics approach Akira Ishii 15
265 A Fairly Complete Qualitative Analysis of a Discrete SIR Epidemic Model - Local Stability and generic codimension 1 Bifurcation Johan Hallberg Szabadváry and Yishao Zhou 16
311 Finding the source of local information cascades in complex networks Krzysztof Suchecki, Boleslaw Szymanski and Janusz Holyst 17
319 Bali ancient rice terraces: A Hamiltonian approach Yerali Gandica, J. Stephen Lansing, Ning Ning Chung and Lock Yue Chew 18
2 Chaotic Analysis of Acid Rains with Time Series of pH Degree, Nitrate and Sulphate Concentration on Wet Samples Aysegul Sener and Gonca Tuncel Memis 19
222 Cancer cell cluster formation in endothelial-cancer cell mixture Yun-Xuan Zhang, Chun-Yu Liu, Hsiang-Ying Chen and Lin I 20
3-October 2019
138 Digital Twin for Structural Health Monitoring of Transportation Infrastructures Ngoc Dung Bui, Tien Thanh Bui, Xuan Huan Nguyen and Tran Hieu Nguyen 1
153 Service WaterPUCK – a new method for investigation influence of agricultural holdings and land-use structures on coastal waters of the southern Baltic Sea Lidia Dzierzbicka-Glowacka, Dawid Dybowski, Maciej Janecki, Artur Nowicki and Stefan Pietrzak 2
276 Weekly idiosyncratic momentum and contrarian effects in the Chinese stock market Huai-Long Shi 3
165 A Network-Based Approach To The Cancer Hallmarks Paradigm For The Localization Of Pharmacological Targets In The Human Interactome Rafael Cárdenas-Heredia and Mauricio Alberto Quimbaya 4
385 Management of Big Data in the public sector – system level risks and design principles Agnieszka Rychwalska, Geoff Goodell and Magdalena Roszczyńska-Kurasińska 5
94 The complexity of learning in artificial intelligent systems: the role of cooperation between intelligent agents operating a bus line Luca Vismara and Lock Yue Chew 6
160 Knowledge Relatedness in Research Portfolio Diversification Giorgio Tripodi, Fabio Saracco, Francesca Chiaromonte and Fabrizio Lillo 7
289 Saving of production as the key to model economic growth in kinetic wealth-exchange models David Santiago Quevedo and Carlos José Quimbay 8
198 The u-shaped role of communication in diversity-enhanced collective intelligence Fabricio Vasselai 9
322 The Effect of Exercise on Internal State Dynamics Krishna Bathina, Onur Varol and Johan Bollen 10
101 Native Communities in Social Networks Igor Kanovsky 11
16 Inferring the complexity of efficient quantum modelling Matthew Ho, Mile Gu and Thomas J. Elliott 12
119 Machine Learning Models for Predictive Analytics of Readmission Risks in Hospitals Freimut Bodendorf and Isabella Eigner 13
187 Multilayer spillover networks analysis of China's financial institutions based on variance decomposotions Gang-Jin Wang, Yang-Yang Chen, Hui-Bin Si and Chi Xie 14
90 Analysis of untrusted person and charismatically popular person using opinion dynamics approach Nozomi Okano and Akira Ishii 15
410 Dimension Reduction of Molecular Fingerprints Using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Takaaki Ohnishi 16
315 Prediction of Robustness and Evolvability of Biological Networks Based on Antifragility Hyobin Kim, Stalin Muñoz and Carlos Gershenson 17
345 Effectiveness of premium programs in increasing the income of Mexican coffee growers Domingo Olivera 18
434 African Buffalo Optimization Algorithm for Personalized Diet Optimization and recommendation Asegunloluwa Babalola, Julius Odili and Bolanle Ojokoh 19
144 Graph theoretical properties of functional and effective connectivity matrix Jakub Kořenek and Jaroslav Hlinka 20
4-October 2019
26 The Production of Space in the Capitalism Era: A Case Study Ersin Senel 1
365 Extended Constant Returns to Scale in Macroeconomics Atushi Ishikawa, Shouji Fujimoto and Takayuki Mizuno 5
360 Packaged transmission of cultural traits generates false signal for selection Justin Yeh, Laurel Fogarty and Anne Kandler 6
355 Weighted Networks of Friendship and Animosity in Classrooms Groups Marcelo Del Castillo-Mussot and Eric Hernandez-Ramirez 7
354 Does geo-electric data tell us anything about future earthquakes? Haoyu Wen, Hong-Jia Chen, Chien-Chih Chen, Wu-Lung Chang, Massimo Pica Ciamarra and Siew Ann Cheong 8
380 Analysis of the Relation between Office Rent and Evaluation of Location Using Space Syntax Theory – The Areas within 2km from Kanda and Shibuya Station- Akira Ota, Hiroshi Takahashi and Toshiyuki Kaneda 9
302 What is the optimal railway network? Ebrahim Patel and Constantin Puiu 11
202 Temporal employment networks reveal inter-industry dynamics and knowledge transfer in New Zealand Adrian Ortiz-Cervantes and Dion O'Neale 12
324 Network Science For Diseases: Conjugating Ayurveda and Modern Medicine Aparna Rai 13
184 Opinion Dynamics on Signed Networks Based on Ising and Potts Model Lingbo Li and Ying Fan 14
293 The shape of stories Huimin Xu and Cheng-Jun Wang 15
459 An algorithm to describe cellular brain connectivity Giuseppe Giacopelli, Michele Migliore and Domenico Tegolo 16
31 Genome-scale metabolic modelling: from genomes to metabolic phenotypes Maurice Cheung 17
15 The role of geography in the complex diffusion of innovations Balazs Lengyel, Riccardo Di Clemente, Janos Kertesz and Marta C. Gonzalez 18
461 Universal Cointegration and Its Applications Chengyi Tu, Ying Fan and Jianing Fan 19

Poster Format

We offer portrait poster boards (700 mm x 2000 mm).  Your posters should, therefore, be portrait and strictly A1 size (594 mm x 841 mm) for easy reading. Please allocate the top section of the posters for the titles and authors as per your submitted abstracts.  The texts, illustrations, graphs etc. should be bold enough to be read from a distance of 2m. This means that all the lettering should be at least 32 points and the titles at least 80 points. 

Timing & Location

The poster sessions will be located outside Lecture Theatre (LT) 1A during coffee breaks & lunches. Your posters have 1 -day display time during the conference. Please bring the printed posters to the Information Desk on the first day of your poster's display dates between 8am to 9am. Do remove your posters by 6:00pm. The CCS 2019 organisers shall not be held responsible for the where-about of your posters.​

Printing Services

Participants are responsible for their own printing of posters. Due to manpower constraint, we will not be able to print the posters for participants.

​Vendor​​ ​Location​​ ​Operating Hours
​Ultra Supplies ​Lee Wee Nam Library
(in NTU campus)​
Tel: 6268 8368                                                 e-mail: ​                *Please email your poster in PDF file 1 day in advance.            
​Mon to Fri: 9am - 8.30pm
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Sun & PH: Closed
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50 Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 639798
Tel: 6793 5980​                                                  *Walk-in service. Posters may be ready in 1 hour depending on the vendor's work volume.
​Mon to Fri: 9am - 8pm
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