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There will be two full days of satellite sessions on Wednesday, 2ndOctober 2019​ and Thursday, 3rd October 2019. Satellite organizers are responsible for promoting, organizing, reviewing, and scheduling their sessions. ​

Title​ Organiser e-mail ​Wed Oct 2
1 Machine Learning and Modeling for Complex Systems Alfredo J. MORALES X
2 Statistical and Nonlinear Physics in Complex Systems​ Lock Yue CHEW X
3 Coupled Human and Nature Systems (CHANS)​​ Neviaty P. Zamani​​ X
4 New Methods and Epistemologies to Explore Simulation Models II Juste Raimbault​
5 Complexities of Adverse Behavior​ Sacha Epskamp X
6 Complex Decision Making in High-Consequence Environments: Exploring the Dynamic Interplay of Social, Behavioral, and Technical Considerations Leading to Conflict, Crime, Security, and Resilience​ Ignacio J. Martinez-Moyano X
7 Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Complex Agents: Information Processing From Nanophysics to Life Alec Boyd X
​​8 UrbanSys 2019​​​ ​​Jose Javier Ramasco​ ​​ ​ ​​AM​
9 ​Complex-Cities 2019 ​​Roland Bouffanais​​ ​PM​​
10 Extracting and Analyzing Networks from Spatio-Temporal Data, 2nd Edition​ Henrik J. Jensen​ PM
11 Complexity Thinking in the Singapore Public Service Aaron MANIAM PM

Title ​Organiser e-mail Thu Oct 3
12 Fourth CCS Satellite Symposium on Complex Systems and ​Education: Applications in Language Pedagogy, Assessment, and Complexity Learning​​ He Sun X
13 Multilayer and Interconnected Networks: Applications III (PHYSPLEX III)​ Alex Arenas X
14 Information Processing in Complex Systems (IPCS, 8th Edition)​ Rick Quax X
15 Analysis and Modeling of Spatial Complex Systems​ Dr. Vincenzo Nicosia
16 Complex Systems for the Most Vulnerable, 2nd Edition​ Elisa Omodei X
17 Self-Organization and Complexity in Social System​ Woo-Sung JUNG X
18 Asian Network of Complexity Scientists Meeting 2019​ Siew Ann CHEONG X
19 Moving Beyond Spherical Cow Models: Measuring Information in Real, Noisy, Multiscale Animal Systems Kelly Finn X
20 Challenges in Epidemiological Modeling​ Edward Hill, Sophie Meakin, Ben Atkins​​ AM
​21 ​​The Application of Complex Networks and Machine Learning in Finance​ ​Nematzadeh, Azadeh​ ​AM
22 Statistical Validation Methods for Complex Systems II​ Fabio Caccioli PM
23 Criticality on Networks and Socio-Economic Systems​ Yérali Gandica PM

​Title Organiser ​e-mail Wed
Oct 2
Oct 3
24 Econophysics Colloquium 2019​​ Siew Ann CHEONG X X
25 Reverse Engineering of Social Information Processing​ Janusz Hołyst X X
26 Computational Social Science: The Ecological Approach to Social Complexity​ ​Javier Borge-Holthoefer​


X: Full Day

AM: Morning

PM: Afternoon

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