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Tentative Program Overview​

​Please refer to the final program: EPIC Programme-Final-12-06.pdfEPIC Programme-Final-12-06.pdf

The full abstract can be downloaded here. Abstract summary.pdfAbstract summary.pdf

Congratulations to the poster awardees!

Symposium Program

Topic 1: Synthesis, controllable growth and characterizations of semiconductor gain materials, including III-V ​semiconductors,​2D semiconductors and organic substances

Topic 2: Fundamental optical processes involving excitons and polaritons

Topic 3: Strong light-matter coupling in hybrid systems

Topic 4: Excitons and polaritons in lattices, patterned structures, and networks

Topic 5: Nonlinear optics and polariton lasers

Topic 6: Applications in THz physics, superconductivity, single photon source, and optoelectronic devices​


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