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NTU Annual Learning and Teaching Conference: from Good to Great 2018

In March 2018, NTU will once again organise its NTU Annual Learning and Teaching Conference: from Good to Great 2018. Through this event, we hope to reach out to communities of Educators, faculty, staff and practitioners from NTU, across Singapore and in the region to engage in discussions on learning and teaching in higher education.

Each year, organise this conference around a theme that is pertinent in higher education practices and invite our participants to join in the conversation. In addition, the event is hopes to build a platform for collaboration in teaching practices, the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL) and bring about greater conversation together with the community in higher education.

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2018 Conference Theme: Engaging Students in Learning Transitions

The transition to university requires students to engage in learning experiences different from those of school. Likewise, the journey from the beginning to the end of an undergraduate degree involves a number of learning transitions. How should a university explicitly shape its learning and teaching practices around these student transitions? This conference explores student development across different stages of their learning in terms of integrating key competencies and knowledge development, the development of self-directed learners and future professionals.

Key topics to explore:

  • Identifying key transitions points (or events) in a student’s learning experience and  implementing appropriate teaching practices
  • Providing students with a meaningful and coherent experience of degree programmes by explicitly scaffolding transitions
  • Integrating graduate attributes to enable students to adapt their disciplinary knowledge  in broad and creative ways

Who should attend?

This seminar is intended for a stakeholders in higher education including facilitators, educators and academics from educational institutions. Students who are keen to develop their learning experience or interested in a career of education are also encouraged to attend.

Come and join us if you would like to:

Explore developments in higher education learning and teaching
Meet and interact with fellow professionals and students keen in education and educational research
Engage in higher education’s best practices in learning and teaching
Participate in a growing community of teaching and learning practitioners

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