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About ICON-2DMAT 2017
Following the success of the International Conference on Two-Dimensional Layered Materials in Hangzhou (2014, China) and Hong Kong (2016, China), and the International Symposium on Physics and Device Application of Two-Dimensional Materials in Nanjing (2015, China) and Shanghai (2016, China), Nanyang Technological University (NTU, Singapore) will be hosting the 3rd International Conference on 2D Materials and Technology (ICON-2DMAT 2017), 11-15 December 2017. The conference aims at enhancing the synergy within the 2D community and building toward a strong future in 2D science and technology. ICON-2DMAT 2017 will bring together a wide spectrum of research scientists within the government R&D community, industry, and academia as a means to build synergy in layered materials and nano-device research.​

Graphene-like 2D materials have recently gained renewed interest due to their unique optoelectronic properties and potential applications. The 2D layered materials (2DLM) are now one of the most active fields of research in materials science, condensed matter physics, and chemistry.​

This conference will cover all 2D materials, with focus on graphene and other group-IV silicene and germanene, transition metal dichalcogenides/oxides, and group-IV and group-III metal chalcogenides. The conference will address materials synthesis and processing, devices, chemistry, physics, and applications. The scalable growth and integration techniques, new discovery, and novel and practical applications will be at the heart of this conference. The conference aims to bring together researchers, developers and users from around the world to share states-of-the-art results, to explore new areas of research and development, and to discuss emerging issues facing 2D materials. 

Conference Venue: School of Physical and Mathematics Sciences (SPMS), NTU Singapore

School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Nanyang Technological University
21 Nanyang Link
Singapore 637371​

Click ICON-2DMAT Programme Guide Final-1130(Take 3).pdfICON-2DMAT Programme Guide Final-1130(Take 3).pdf to view Final Conferene Program

     Abstract submission
         01 April, 2017

     Deadline for Submission
         15 September, 2017

     Notification of Acceptance
         15 October, 2017

      Deadline for Payment
          30 October 2017

        Venue: NTU campus
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