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iFood 2019: Advancing food security, safety, and sustainability in Singapore


Following the success of iFood 2017 conference on “Food for the Future", our iFood 2019 will focus on “Advancing food security, safety, and sustainability in Singapore”. We will bring industry leaders to this workshop to discuss the innovation challenges and customer demands they are facing so that academic researchers can more adequately address these needs with their research.

Global food security can be threatened by many interrelated factors, which includes food safety, food fraud and sustainability of the food production system. Food is unsafe for consumption when it is contaminated by disease-causing bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemicals during production, processing, distribution, storage or preparation. It is estimated that the consumption of unsafe food caused 600 million and 420,000 deaths in 2010 globally. Similar to food safety, food fraud is also a widespread global problem and it is costing the global food industry $49 billion annually. The incidence of food fraud has grown over the last years, which includes a number of widely reported food scandals that have led to reduced consumer confidence in the food industry. At the same time, some are voicing the concern of our capacity to produce enough food for the world in the future. The real problem is not if we will be able to produce enough food, the problem is if we will be able to produce this food in a sustainable way. 

Singapore’s food and beverage industry contributes S$14.4 billion to GDP and employs nearly 300,000 people, larger than industries such as speciality chemicals, petrochemicals, medical technology and land transport engineering. A total of S$210 million on food R&D was spent in 2013. There is great opportunity to multiply this, by further focusing on high value and answering the food related challenges that we have in the coming decades, and by this, strengthening Singapore as a world centre for advanced food. 

This 1-day conference aims to discuss food safety and food fraud prevention and innovations focused on advances in sustainable farming. Prominent plenary speakers from world-renowned institutions and industries in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific will be featured, thus providing a platform for participants to interact and communicate with leading experts in the food science and engineering fields.

The organizing committee, NTU (NAFTEC-NTU Food Technology Centre), SMART (Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology) and AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore) welcome you to Singapore and look forward to your participation in this conference. 


Online registration for this event is now open, please click here to register.

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