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About the Contest


1. When will SPIRITCYBER-24 Hackathon take place?

The Elimination Round starts from 5 August 2024 to 6 September 2024. The Final Round wil be from 15 October 2024 to 17 October 2024.


2. What are the themes and challenges of the Hackathon?

There will be three categories of IoT/OT bug bounty challenges i.e. Smart Lamp Post, Autonomous Robot, and Smart Homes.


Participating in the Hackathon


3. Who can participate in SPIRITCYBER-24?

Contestants must be of the age of majority (equal or above 21 years old) in Singapore and cannot be residents of any Singapore/United Nations embargoed or sanctioned countries, nor listed on any barred/sanctioned persons list.


4. How do you register for the Hackathon?

Contestants must complete the online form on the website (


5. Do we allow contestants participate individually?

Yes, you can compete as an individual, or in a team of up to 3 members. 


6. What is the deadline for registration?

The closing date for registration has been extended until 22 July 2024, 3 p.m. Singapore Time (GMT +8)


7. What is the deadline for contestants to submit their exploit artefacts to the Organiser?

The cut-off time for final submission of your exploit artefacts is on the last day of the Hackathon Period. We highly recommend that contestants avoid waiting until the last minute to submit. The Organiser cannot be held accountable for any technical issues, failures, or malfunctions that may occur.


8. Is the Hackathon open to everyone?

The Hackathon is open to all registrants who meet the Sponsor’s eligibility requirements.


9. Are there any geographical restrictions for contestants?

Contestants must not be residents of any Singapore/United Nations embargoed or sanctioned countries.


10. What are the entry requirements into Singapore?

Contestants residing outside of Singapore must ensure they have appropriate visa (if necessary) to travel to Singapore and participate in the Hackathon according to applicable laws and regulations.


11. Do you have to provide proof of identity for the Hackathon? And why are such documents required?

Contestants may be requested to provide proof of their identity. This is required to ensure accurate information is supplied for the Hackathon, and that prizes and incentives can be correctly processed.


12. What is the code of conduct for the Hackathon?

Contestants must, at all times, adhere to an ethical and responsible behavior that promotes a respectful, safe, and inclusive environment. Offensive language is strictly prohibited. Contestants should respect the proper/responsible disclosure process, communications from the Organiser, and the prevailing Hackathon Rules.


13. How will personal information be used?

Personal information will be used for administering the Hackathon, including contacting and announcing winners, and may be disclosed to third-party agents and service providers.




14. What are the incentives and prizes for the Hackathon?

Prizes are offered for vulnerabilities and exploitation techniques against listed targets, with a total cap of S$65,000. Prizes will be awarded after the completion of the Finals in Singapore and the receipt of the reports from the winning teams.


15. How is the prize money paid to the winners?

Prize money will be paid via bank transfer only, and winners must provide necessary bank details and proof of account ownership.


16. What are the tax implications for the prize money?

Taxes on prizes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the Hackathon winners.

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